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TORBED Expanded Bed Reactor ('CBR')

Operating Principle

Inside the TORBED EBR, a diffuse bed of particles is held in cyclonic motion in the high velocity process gas stream. Centrifugal forces carry the particles outwards from where they are conveyed downwards to the reactor base where they are re-entrained in the process gas stream.
heat flow diagram

Advantages over Circulating or Entrained Fluidised Beds:

  • Smaller reactors
  • No need for cyclones for separating and re-injecting particles
  • Temperatures of 1600°C can be achieved with our fuel injection technology
  • More thorough processing due to improved retention of particles

Ideal for use in Gas Scrubbing for example because:

  • Faster reaction kinetics due to increased turbulence and improved mixing inside the reactor
  • Lower pressure drop than traditional systems
  • More efficient use of reagents
  • Particles of different sizes can be selectively captured
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